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        Yunan county shengda Rosin chemical Co., LTD
        Product Show  Polymerized >> 140# Polymerized Rosin
        140# Polymerized Rosin
        Number: 61715323616 Class: Polymerized
             Product Readme

        West Tech Shenda Polymerized Rosin is produced by the sulfuric acid process. Its unique characteristics include higher softening point, and higher viscosity in both molten and solvent state. These products also offer greater resistance to oxidation, and are free from recrystallization problems.


        Broad compatibility and solubility,low odor andtaste,high softening point,excellent anti-oxidation.

        Typical Uses

        Uses include the preparation of varnishes, driers, synthetic resins, ink vehicles, floortile, rubber compounds, solder fluxes, and various adhesives and protective coatings.

        Forms and Packaging

        1.InBag: granular,kraft paper bag,25kgs net each bag.

        2.In galvanized iron drum:220kgs net each drum.


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